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Maintaining Quality Education at Placer High School


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Placer High School has offered an excellent education to students in the Auburn community since 1897. We are committed to providing a learning environment that maximizes our students’ potential, but state budget cuts have reduced funding in our district by $32 million over the past five years. Placer High School is aging and in need of repairs.
     Many of the buildings at Placer High School are now nearly 80 years old. Leaking roofs and decaying walls need to be fixed, and broken plumbing and bathrooms require updating. 
     Our local high school needs additional updates to help prepare our students to succeed in today’s world. These improvements are needed to develop the vital skills required for success at community colleges, universities and 21st-century jobs. 
     To fund critical repairs and updates at Placer High School, the Placer Union High School District Board of Trustees is considering placing a $42 million bond measure on an upcoming 2018 ballot. Funds from the measure would be used exclusively for improvements at Placer High School and could not be used for other schools. To learn more, please visit the links on the right:

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