How to schedule

How to schedule Library and Computer Lab time: 

Check Library (tables/stacks) and Computer Lab Calendars for availability.

Periods are divided into A and B blocks, except on minimum days.
Please consider your colleagues and request only 2 slots in the same period each week.

Call ext. 5737 or email to reserve an available block.

Blocks may be scheduled up to three weeks in advance. 

Please notify me ASAP if you will not be using your scheduled block. 

    Times for Computer Lab
Times for Computer Lab          on Rally Days
1st period A7:55 - 8:40 1st period A7:55 - 8:35
1st period B8:40 - 9:25 1st period B8:35 - 9:15
2nd period A9:35 - 10:20 2nd period A9:25 - 10:05
2nd period B10:20 - 11:05 2nd period B10:05 - 10:45
3rd period A11:15 - 12:00 3rd period A11:35 - 12:15
3rd period B12:00 - 12:45 3rd period B12:15 - 12:55
4th period A1:25 - 2:10 4th period A1:35 - 2:15
4th period B2:10 - 2:55 4th period B2:15 - 2:55