Placer High School
Hall of Fame


The purpose of the Placer High School Hall of Fame is to honor past alumni and faculty and to use their outstanding accomplishments as an inspiration for current and future Placer High School students. In the spring of 1992, Jenny Justus (right) began her efforts with the Hall of Fame. Jenny’s commitment to her Senior Project idea, the Hall of Fame, resulted in the current exhibit of plaques honoring our school’s exemplary student body and staff. Jenny, along with fellow students teachers, administrators, community leaders and alumni created the Hall of Fame. In doing so, the students themselves have become aware of the history and rich heritage that is Placer High School.

Subjective Areas:

Scholastic Athletic Leadership Community service Significant contribution during high school, college, career, and community life.

Each student must have:
*attended Placer a minimum of two years
*graduated a minimum of 5 years prior to
Each faculty member must:
*taught or coached a minimum of 10 years
*retired a minimum of 5 years prior to nomination

Placer Athletics

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