Current 8th grader? Pre-enrollment for the 2020-2021 school year is now open.

If you attend one of our feeder schools (EV Cain, Bowman, Newcastle) click here for the enrollment packet. If not, click here. Paper copies can be picked up in the office.

Please plan to attend Future Hillmen Night on February 3rd at 5:30 in the Auditorium

Learn about electives ~ Meet teachers ~ Explore the campus

~Turn in your Course Selection Sheet~

*If you are unable to attend Future Hillmen Night, please drop off your Course Selection Sheet to the counseling office as soon as possible*


The following is for current 9th-12th grade students




To ensure proper placement of your high school student, and to remain in compliance with education codes and national safety standards, it is necessary that you follow these guidelines in order to enroll your student at Placer High School.


It is the responsibility of the parent to contact the previous school to notify them of the transfer and to request the items listed below. If we do not have these items at the time of your appointment, enrollment may be postponed until the items are received.  Some of these items can be emailed in advance to Vanessa Robles at vrobles@puhsd.k12.ca.us  If the previous school requires an official request for records before releasing any information, please notify Vanessa Robles at (530) 885-4581 x 5705.


How to enroll your student:


Step One - Fill out the online enrollment form here: https://aeriesportal.placercoe.k12.ca.us/AIR/puhsd/Default.aspx


Step Two - Print out the completed online enrollment form and gather the following documents:

    • Transcript of all classes/grades/credits taken/received from the beginning of 9th grade including the most recent semester 
    • Check-out grades from previous school (if transfer occurs while school is in session)
    • Immunization records
    • Birth Certificate
    • Two forms of proof of residency 
    • Copy of current IEP or 504 Plan (if applicable) *


 *You must notify Placer High School if your child is currently on an IEP (special education)                 or 504 Accommodation Plan, as specific staff member(s) may need to be involved in your child’s enrollment.


                    Step Three -  Contact Vanessa Robles at (530) 885-4581 x 5705 to schedule an appointment for enrollment.


           Important information about your appointment: 

        • Bring ALL required documents (completed) with you to your appointment
        • The State of California requires that all students be enrolled under his/her legal name, regardless of how enrolled at previous school(s).
        • Any information with court documentation indicating custody arrangements, restraining order, no contact, limited contact with non-custodial parent, etc., should also be presented at the meeting.