World Languages

Lead with Languages

Spanish and French teachers at Placer High School give students the language and cultural skills needed to experience first-hand worlds beyond Placer High School.  Stories, skits, poems, music, food, games, videos, the creation of short movies, and simply discussing life (in another language) are all part of our classes.  All language courses have an online curriculum and are college prep classes that provide global thinking and appreciation for different cultures. Students complete minimal college requirements in two years, but are encouraged to pursue advanced levels and augment their language capabilities.

Courses offered:

Spanish 1                            French 1
Spanish 2                            French 2
Spanish 3                            French 3
Spanish 4                            French 4
                                            AP Spanish (offsite)          AP French (offsite)

                                              Spanish for Spanish Speakers 1 & 2


ELO's - Level 1            ELO's - Level 2             ELO's - Level 3              ELO's- Level 4