Resource Class Syllabus

Resource Class Syllabus

Mrs. Roeder-Sussman



Course Description


The purpose of this class is to provide Senor English support for resource students who are enrolled in a general education Senior English class. 



Course Outcomes


At the completion of the course, students will:

  • Successfully complete the research paper required for the Senior Project
  • Successfully complete the project required for the Senior Project
  • Successfully complete the required written components related to the Senior Project Portfolio
  • Successfully complete the 8-12 minute speech required for the Senior Project
  • Successfully complete the required readings and written assignments in the student’s mainstreamed English 12 course




Method of Assessment


The grading for this course will be based on a daily rubric totaling twenty (20 points) per day.  Students are required to bring all materials needed for daily work i.e.: Senior Project binder, books, assignments, paper, pencils, etc., and they are to utilize class time effectively every day.  If students do not bring their materials or utilize their class time effectively, placement in this course will be re-evaluated and a possible class transfer may occur. 


10 points = Bringing Materials

10 points = Using Time Effectively



Life Rules

During and at the completion of this course, students should exhibit the following “Life Rules”:

1.  Be Prompt

2.  Be Prepared

3.  Participate

4.  Be respectful of self, others, and the environment

Attendance and Late Work

     Tardies: will be monitored and the school’s tardy policy will be followed.

1st tardy~warning

     2nd tardy~phone call home to parent

     3rd tardy~referral for detention

     Cuts: ensure a deduction in grade because you cannot make up any work you missed on that day & points will be recorded as zero.

Extra Credit: No extra credit is given in this course.



Help is available before and after school and during lunch.  Prior arrangements must be made with the teacher.




All assignments are by points.  Letter grades are based on the following scale:




89-87%=A-               In the professional judgment of the teacher,   

86-83%=B+               exceptions in the grading scale may occur

82-80%=B                dependent upon the student’s good attendance,

79-77%=B-               sincere effort, and positive attitude.







If you understand all of the requirements and expectations, please sign below to show you are willing to commit yourself to fulfilling them with your best effort—QUALITY!



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Thank you,

Lisa Roeder-Sussman

885-4581, ex. 5800

hours available 7:30-2:45