Reading Syllabus

Reading Course Syllabus

Reading Course Syllabus

Mrs. Roeder-Sussman


Course Description: This reading class is designed to help struggling readers learn the skills and concepts to help them progress from below grade level reading levels to a proficient or 10th grade reading level.  Students will receive explicit instruction and support in the necessary strands of literacy.


Course Outcomes:

At the completion of this course, students will be able to:

1.  improve phonemic awareness and phonics skills

2.  improve word recognition and spelling

3.  increase oral reading fluency through vocabulary and morphology

4.  understand grammar and its usage

5.  improve listening and reading comprehension skills

6.  improve writing and speaking skills


Units of the Course

The book used for this course is entitled Language!, Book C.

     Unit 13~”Invent It”

     Unit 14~”Make Art”

     Unit 15~”Be a Hero”


Methods of Assessment

Students will be assessed throughout the year by:

Class Participation Textbook Work Assessments

Cooperation        Class Discussions


Life Rules

During and at the completion of this course, students should exhibit the following “Life Rules”:

1.  Be Prompt

2.  Be Prepared

3.  Participate

4.  Be respectful of self, others, and the environment


Attendance and Late Work

Tardies: will be monitored and the school’s tardy policy will be followed.

1st tardy~warning

     2nd tardy~phone call home to parent

     3rd tardy~referral for detention


     Cuts: ensure a deduction in grade because you cannot make up any work you missed on that day; work assigned that day will be recorded as zero points


     Late work due to absence: if you are absent, it is your responsibility to find out what you missed.  You must get assignments on the first day you are back in school. You will have two (2) class meeting days to get the assignment turned in.  If you are absent the day something is due, the assignment must be handed in at the beginning of class on the day you return.

Extra Credit: No extra credit is given in this course.


Homework: Homework will be assigned and it is to be turned in at the beginning of the next class meeting. Failure to turn in homework on the day and time it is due will result in zero points being awarded for the assignment(s).




Help is available before and after school and during lunch.  Prior arrangements must be made with the teacher.




All assignments are by points.  Letter grades are based on the following scale:




89-87%=A-               In the professional judgment of the teacher,   

86-83%=B+               exceptions in the grading scale may occur

82-80%=B                dependent upon the student’s good attendance,

79-77%=B-               sincere effort, and positive attitude.







If you understand all of the requirements and expectations, please sign below to show you are willing to commit yourself to fulfilling them with your best effort—QUALITY!



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Thank you,

Lisa Roeder-Sussman

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