Scott Barry
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Phone - 885-4581 ex. 5837
1st block sheltered World History, 2nd 3rd and 4th block World History

I graduated from Placer High School in 1985. While at Placer I enjoyed all the many wonderful things Placer had to offer. I was a multiple sport athlete, involved in student leadership, academically strong, and was an all around good guy. Since being hired at Placer in 1994 I have coached golf for 10 years, football 8 years, basketball 9 years and baseball for one year. Was also the Activities Director for 5 years. My true love is teaching 10th graders World History.
Words of wisdom from Mr. Barry " Every day is a great day unless its not"

Placer High School Graduate 1985
I graduated from Sacramento state in 1991 with a History degree.

2 time teacher that makes a difference.
Hip hop teacher of the year in 2013.
2014 Rotary teacher of the year.
Did you know?
I came back to teach at Placer in 1994. “I was born on the hill and here is where I will always be”.
My dad started teaching and coaching at Placer in 1967. I grew up as a Hillmen.
I met my wife at Placer in 1983 and she is still here at Placer with me.

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