Psychology -

Units of Study
What is Psychology

Cornell Notes - What is Psychology
Cornell Notes - Ethics
Cornell Notes - Research

Cornell Notes - The Brain

Genes, Evolution, and the Environment

Body Rhythms and Mental States

Cornell Notes - Consciousness and Body Rhythms

Sensation and Perception

Cornell Notes - Sensation and Perception

Learning and Conditioning

Cornell Notes- Operant Conditioning

Behavior in the Social and Cultural Context
Cornell Notes - Stereotypes
Cornell Notes -     Attribution
Cornell Notes - Conformity and Cults
Cornell Notes - Agression

Thinking and Intelligence
Cornell Notes - Divergent Thinking
Cornell Notes - Language

Cornell Notes - Memory

Emotion and Stress
Cornell Notes - Emotion
Cornell Notes - Stress

Theories of Personality and the Life Span
Cornell Notes - Personality
Cornell Notes -  Freud and Culture

Psychological Disorders
Cornell Notes - Anxiety Disorder 
Cornell Notes - Mood Disorder
Cornell Notes - Eating Disorders
Cornell Notes - dissociative disorders
Cornell Notes - Somatoform disorders

Approaches to Treatment
Cornell Notes - Drug treatment
Cornell Notes - Biological Therapy

Absent Work

Use the above link to access the video lesson of the content we covered in class.  You are to take at least one page of Cornell Notes on the subject in the video.  It is due the day after you return to class. CLEARLY label the date you were absent at the top of your notes and label the subject.  

PHS - Psychology Book - It's Kind of a Funny Story

Part 1 - Where I'm At
Due -  b
efore 4th period 

Part 2  - How I Got There
Due -  before 4th period 

Part 3 - Badoom
Due  before 4th period

Part 4 - Hospital
Due  before 4th period

Part 5 - Six North, Saturday
Due    b
efore 4th period 

Part 6 - Six North, Sunday
 before 4th period 

Part 7 - Six North, Monday
Due - 
 before 4th period 

Part 8 - Six North, Tuesday
Due  - 
 before 4th period 

Part 9  - Six North, Wednesday
Due - 
   before 4th period 

Part 10 - Six North, Thursday - In Class Activities

Independent Learning Links

Quarter Test Creation

Depth Perception

Sensation and Perception


Psychology in the Movies

Who am I?  Psychology Tests 

Body Language

Social Psychology in the Movies - Part 2