Sarah Maddox
Social Science Teacher
AVID Coordinator/Teacher
Contact Info
Phone - 885-4581 ex. 5835
                    Fall 2018 Schedule
1st Block - Senior AVID
2nd Block - Prep
3rd Block - Government and Economics
4th Block - Government and Economics

                 Spring 2019 Schedule
1st Block - Government and Economics
2nd Block -  Psychology
3rd Block -  Government and Economics
4th Block -  United States History

Government and Economics  •  Junior and Senior AVID 
U.S. History   Psychology

Placer High School, U.C. Berkeley, National University

Did you know?
I graduated from Placer and have a long family history with Placer High School. My Grandfather, who was Student Body President, graduated from Placer High School in 1932, the sixth in his family to graduate from Placer.  My two aunts graduated in 1958 and 1960. My sister, brother, husband and two sons are Placer Grads.  I now have two young future Hillmen, excited about attending Placer and following in this family tradition.

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Government and Economics 

U.S. History