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Midterm Notes

Morality and Law/Federalism (Week #1 August 9-12)
Tuesday 8/9 Introductions
Wednesday 8/10 Classwork: Dudley and Holmes (with Questions) Discuss Cases and Morality and Law
Thursday 8/11 "Good Samaritan" Video and Intro to Federalism
Friday 8/12  Federalism PPT                                           

Three Branches of Government  (Week #2 August 15-19)
Monday 8/15  Federalism "Wolf Video"
Tuesday 8/16   Federalism
Wednesday 8/17 Federalism 
Thursday 8/18 "Constitution USA"
Friday 8/19 "Constitution USA" 

Congress and 1st Amendment (Week #3 August 22-26)
Homework for Week #3 Read this article "Procrastination" and write a paragraph (At least seven sentences) on the article and how it applies to you! 
Monday 8/22 Start Executive Branch
Tuesday 8/23 Intro Congress/ Powerpoint Congress  
Wednesday 8/24 The Supremes (Videos)
Thursday 8/25 Powerpoint Judicial Branch
Friday 8/26 Three Branches Quiz

1st Amendment (Week #4 August 29 - Sept. 2)
Monday 8/29 First Amendment Intro
Tuesday 8/30 Free Speech Video/Free Speech Tinker v. DesMoines Activity (Chromebooks) {Tally your points and send me a screen shop, showing participation}
Wednesday 8/31 "Freedom of Religion" (Establishment Clause and Free Exercise Clause)
Thursday 9/1 'God's Country'/Chromebooks  Establishment Clause/"Lemon v. Kurtzman" and "Wallace v. Jaffree"
Friday 9/2 Free Press "Journey's with George"

Midterm and Review (Week #5 Sept. 5-9)
Monday 9/5 Labor Day
Tuesday 9/6 1st Amendment Cartoon Quiz
Wednesday 9/7 Free Speech/"Hazlewood v. Kuhlmeier"
Thursday 9/8  Review
Friday 9/9 Midterm Exam

4th Amendment (Week #5 Sept. 12-16) Homecoming Week
Monday 9/12 Counselor and 2nd Amendment
Tuesday 9/13 Intro to the 4th Amendment 
Wednesday 9/14 4th Amend. Chromebook Activity
Thursday 9/15 Finish Chrome Activity  
Friday 9/16 "Journey's with George"

5th and 6th Amendments  (Week #6 Sept. 19-23)
Homework for Week #6 Watch "Grit" and follow instructions.
Monday 9/19 "Good Faith"
Tuesday 9/20 TLO/Searches in schools and Cartoon Quiz on 4th Amendment and the 14th Amendment
Wednesday 9/21 "Miranda v. Arizona" and more on the 5th! 
Thursday 9/22 Upfront Article/Finish Chromebook work on 5th Amendment/Gideon v. Wainwright
Friday 9/23 6th Amendment and 6th Amendment Chromebook Activity (Objective: Students will learn Constitutional Criminal Rights)

8th Amendment (Week #7 Sept. 26-30)
Monday 9/26 Intro to 8th Amendment (Objective: Students will learn Constitutional excessive bail and punishment rights) 
Tuesday 9/27  "The Right To Die" (Close-up video) (Objective: Students will be presented with pros and cons of 8th Amendment) 
Wednesday 9/28 "24 Hours with a Condemned Man"(Objective: Students will learn the rights of a condemned man ) 
Thursday 9/29 "8th Amendment (Wrap up)" "Living Room Candidate" (Objective: Students will learn the importance of Media and Politics) 
Friday 9/30 Living Room Candidate (Objective: Students will learn the importance of Media and Politics

State and Local Government (Week #8 Oct. 3-7)
Monday 10/3 State Civil Liberties
Tuesday 10/4  Immigration
Wednesday 10/5 State and Local Govt. PPT
Thursday 10/6  Review
Friday 10/7 Government Final

Final Notes