Greg Robinson

"I think there's a general tendency in education nowadays toward what you might call the pragmatic side of education, which is fine. The students need to have jobs eventually, no question about it. But education is not just a vocational enterprise—teaching people the skills that will enable them to get jobs--although that's obviously part of it. [We]'re also teaching citizens. We try to teach people the skills that come along with studying history. The skills of evaluating evidence, of posing questions and answering them, of writing, of mobilizing information in order to make an argument. I think all of that is important in a democratic society if people are actually going to be active citizens. Teaching to the test does not really encourage emphasis on those aspects of the study of history." ~ Eric Foner, Pulitzer Prize-winning Historian

Greg Robinson has taught at Placer since 2003.  He currently teaches US History, US Government/Economics and
Advanced Placement US History.  
In addition, Mr. Robinson has coached JV Boys basketball for 15 years.

Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, San Francisco State University

Most Inspirational Player - E.V. Cain 7th grade boys basketball.

Did you know?
Mr. Robinson builds his own fishing rods. Check them out: Robinson Custom Rods

Please view this video to better understand my approach to teaching history:

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