Social Science Department

From left: Greg Robinson, Brett Belanger, Duane Long, Scott Barry (center), Jason Long, Sarah Maddox, Mark Faulkner

The Placer High Social Science Department offers courses that prepare our students for both college, career, and adult life as productive and contributing citizens.  Our courses include not only the requisite social science courses necessary for graduation and college admittance but also electives that are among the most popular courses on campus, as well as numerous Advanced Placement offerings.  

Our courses are taught in an engaging and enthusiastic manner by our dedicated staff that are highly trained in their respective areas of expertise.

Placer Social Studies teachers are involved in such extracurricular activities as Football, Basketball, Snowboarding, and AVID, 

A-G Classes 

World Studies
U. S. History
Government and Economics
Military History
AP U.S. History
AP Government
AP Psychology
AP Human Geography
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