Thomas Schroeder
Contact Info
Phone - 885-4581 ex. 5820

Forensics   -  Marine Biology

This is my 37th year in the district--32 at Placer, 5 at Colfax.
I teach Biology, Anatomy & Physiology, Marine Biology and Forensics.
I am the chairman of our biannual Blood Drives, the adviser for the C.O.C. (Christians On Campus) club and oversaw
Placer's German Exchange Program for 12 years.

I'm proud to be a Hillman!

UC Davis--B.S. in Genetics, 1983
UC Davis--Teaching Credential in Life Sciences, 1984

Favorite Quote:
    "The mind is not a vessel to be filled but a fire to be kindled."

-Auburn Community Educator of the Year: 2015
-Bloodsource 20 year Chairperson:  '10 - '11
-Fulbright Exchange Teacher to Germany: '98-'99
-Have been awarded "Teacher Who Makes a Difference" twice (forget the years).
-Auburn Rotary's Outstanding Teacher '93-'94
-Bloodsource's Chairperson of the Year: '93-'94
-Former Placer District Mentor Teacher

Did you know?
-Once held the Ping-Pong marathon World Record...a friend and I played for 103.5 hours.
-With the same friend, rode across the United States by bicycle one summer while at UC Davis.

Just For Fun
   Here are the links to the stories and pictures of Zeke Gurwein, the remarkable 14 year-old who planned and rode across the United States in the summer of 2015.  My longtime buddy Willie Weir was his chaperone for the last leg of the trip and wrote these articles.  A former student of mine, Derek Pell and I joined them on their last day, riding to the Marin headlands to a welcome party of friends and family.  It was an honor and delight to be with such a wonderful group of individuals.

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