Sept. 8-12

Monday, Sept. 8
Writing directions or procedures and materials list--PB and J example
Percent composition--Cheez it mixture
Solute and solvent mini-lab
HW--Read pages 46-57 and do Cornell Notes for both sections of the book in lab notebooks. Include main ideas and summaries. 
Due Wed.

Tuesday, Sept 9
Introduce Mixture challenge-Work on Background, Materials and Procedures sections of the lab report in a Google Doc
Important mixture terms (mixture, solution, homogeneous mixture, heterogeneous mixture, colloids, solubility, solvent, solute, electrolyte, saturated, unsaturated, supersaturated, concentration, distillation, filtration, evaporation, chromatography, decant, centrifuge and density) take notes
Complete Mixture Challenge Background, materials and procedures section. Submit here.
HW-See Monday's hw, finish background,  work on materials,  and procedures sections of the Mixture Challenge.

Wednesday, Sept 10
Finish materials and procedures 
Start Mixture Lab
HW-Answer 16, 17, 18 &19(read story on p. 33). Questions are on p. 51 of textbook.

Thursday, Sept 11
How to calculate percent error (review)
Mixture Challenge Day
Data Collection--Begin working on lab reports
HW:  Measurement handout

Friday, Sept. 12th
Quiz on Mixture Challenge Vocab
Finish Mixture Challenge