Sept. 29th-Oct. 3rd

Monday, Sept. 29th

BW: Compare chlorine and lithium in terms of valence electrons. Which one might give up and which one might take electrons?

Handout on ions

Ionic vs. Covalent Compounds--Characteristics

What kind of bond is it lab day 1
HW: Bring Chromebooks

Tuesday, Sept. 30th
BW: Compare and Contrast Ionic and Covalent Compounds
What kind of Bond is it? lab Day 2
Writing Ionic Formulas
HW: Finish lab reports

Wednesday, Oct. 1st

BW: List the ions for the following atoms:

Sodium, Magnesium, Aluminum, Nitrogen, Oxygen and Fluorine

Read 149-153 and do Cornell Notes. Answer #1-5 on pg. 153

Thursday, Oct. 2nd

BW: How are ionic compounds different structurally from covalently bonded compounds? Stamp HW

Writing ionic formulas and naming Ionic Compounds

Crystal Lab

HW: Finish handouts

Friday, Oct. 3rd
BW: What are the names of CuCl and of CuCl2?
Crystals in the news
Crystal Lab
Play Go Fish--Form 10 Ionic Compounds and write their names
Ticket Out
HW: Read 170-174 Answer 29-31 in Lab Notebook