Sept 22-26

Monday, Sept. 22

BW: What are two factors that determine whether an atom loses or gains electrons?

Collect Graphing Activity

Air quality--Particulate Matter PM

A Periodic Logic Problem

HW: Study Sig FIgs, Scientific Notation, Periodic Trends (atomic radius, metallic character, ionization energy, electronegativity, reactivity, s, p, d and f blocks)

Tuesday, Sept. 23
BW: What periodic trends following the same pattern (i.e. increase in the same direction?)
Watch this video: Periodicity
Answer the questions on the handout
Read 121-131 Do Cornell Notes
Answer #11-15 on p. 131
Finish work for HW

Wednesday Sept 24
BW: Where did the elements come from?
Watch The Elements and answer video questions
Review for test: Answer #18-22, 24-27 p. 144
HW: Study for test

Thursday Sept. 25
BW: What is the most abundant element in the universe?
Read this article about the STAR IN YOU
Create a study guide: Write 15 possible test questions and their answers.
HW: Study for the test (all Cornell notes about periodic trends, scientific notation, sig figs, and some origin of the elements) and BW is due tomorrow
For Sept. 8th-Sept. 25th

Friday Sept. 26
BW: Contrast Chlorine with Potassium. List three major differences that relate to both chemical and physical properties.
Unit Test
Current Events in Chemistry Activity