Sept 2-5

Tuesday, Sept 2
Reading quiz
Electron Configuration lecture up to writing configurations for ions (slide 53)
Orbitals, periodic table blocks and rules for writing the addresses of the electrons (electron config)
HW: Finish handouts AND
Explain the difference between electron configuration and orbital notation. Also, explain Hund's Rule and the Aufbau Principle.

Wednesday, Sept 3
Stamp and Review HW
Finish lecture on Electron Configuration
Electron Configuration Coloring activity
HW: Finish electron configuration handout AND
Explain what ionization energy is and what it means in terms of losing electrons.
 AND Study for Friday's test
Do retake corrections for element quiz

Thursday, Sept. 4th
Finish coloring activity
Retakes for Element Quiz today
HW: Study for test, finish coloring activity if not done in class, update notebook, do review handout.
(Test is on parts of a reaction equation, element symbols and names, metric system and setting up/calculating conversions, parts of an atom, drawing Bohr models, density calculations and electron configuration)
BW is due tomorrow

Friday, Sept. 5th
First Unit Exam
HW: Fair Extra Credit