Sept 15-19

Monday, Sept. 15th
BW: What is the difference between an unsaturated, saturated and supersaturated solution?

Pass back tests and quizzes

Finish lab reports and submit them

HW: Read 62-63 Answer #31 a-d

Test corrections due Wed--C- best grade possible

Must write in three columns using complete sentences: the correct answer, why you got it wrong, and 

explain why the correct answer is what it is. Due Wed.

Tuesday, Sept. 16th

BW: Write the following number so that it has 3 sig figs: 1.35679

The Big Sig Fig Gig

Sig Figs and Scientific Notation Lecture

Where the heck to round video

Practice pages

HW: Finish handouts from class
Do #24-26 on p. 62 from textbook.  Answer in lab notebook.
Test corrections due tomorrow. Retake for Mixtures Vocab quiz on Thursday

Wednesday, Sept. 17th

BW: Calculate 10.35 x 3.5 and write it in correct sig figs and scientific notation.

Review HW

Periodic Trends Lecture part 1

Alien Periodic Table Activity

HW: Read pages 107-119 do Cornell Notes

Thursday Sept 18th

BW: Contrast the lanthanides with the actinides in a venn diagram (p. 117) 

Periodic Trends Lecture part 2

Mendeleev’s Castle Assignment

HW: Read pages 120-126. Answer 6-10 a-c

Friday Sept 19th

BW: Look at the graph on p.123 for ionization energy.  Which takes more energy: removing an electron from Lithium or from Fluorine? Stamp HW     Review Video

Periodic Trends Lecture: Part 3

Graphing Activity  / PT Trends RAP

HW: Finish Periodic Trends Graphing Activity

Study for Tuesday’s quiz--Watch video above, quizlet, review notes and questions and study graphing activity.