Oct 6-10

Monday, Oct 6th
BW: Write the formulas for Copper (II) Chloride, Magnesium Fluoride, and Lead (IV) Carbide. Stamp HW
Make observations of crystals and write Claim, Evidence and Reasoning--mini lab report in lab notebook
Lab Notebook--list all assignments together as a class that need to be in notebook
HW: Complete Lab Notebook for grading tomorrow

BW: What happens to the electrons in a covalent bond and why does this happen?
Lab Notebook Assessment
Go Fish Activity
Read pages 189-197 Answer #1-6 on a separate piece of paper

BW: What type of bond is made when Carbon and Hydrogen Bond? How do we know?

Using the electronegativity chart, determine bond character

Drawing Lewis Structures

HW: Read pages 198-204 and write the rules for writing lewis structures for molecules with single and multiple bonds and complete class handouts.

BW: How are polar covalent and covalent bonds different from each other?
Toy Balls Lab
Work on lab write up
How to name covalent compounds
HW: Naming Covalent Compounds handout

BW: Draw the Lewis Structures for Water, Carbon Dioxide, and Methane (CH4)?
Bucky Ball Video and questions
HW: Read 205-206 and complete handouts on naming Covalent Bonded Compounds--Write rules down in notebook