Oct. 20th-24th

Monday, Oct. 20th

BW: What is the main way without an electronegativity chart one can make an educated guess about the bond character of a bond between two elements?

Bonding Test

What is a mole? Mole Song

Definition of a mole

Building a mole of Al structure

Tuesday, Oct. 21st

BW: What is Avogadro’s number?
Video about Avogadro’s number

Introduce Mole Conversions

Mole Sculptures and Make-a-Mole Project

HW: Bring stuff for Mole Project

Read pages 132-140--Finish mole calculation handout #1-8

Wed, Oct. 22nd

How many grams are in one mole of Aluminum? How many moles are in 6.5 g of Al?

grams to moles to particles

Mole Conversion review-whiteboards

Work on Moles and Al Sculptures

HW: Finish Mole Calculations

Thursday, Oct. 23rd

BW: How many moles are in 3.01 x 1023 atoms of Al?

Mini-mole lab

Work on moles

HW: Mole conversion practice

Friday, Oct. 24th
BW: How many molecules are in 5 moles of SiO2 ?
M and M mole activity
Finish moles and Al strucure
Mole Party