Aug 25-29

Monday, Aug 25th
Element Quiz
Element Presentations
HW: Read 81-92 --Answer questions 8-14 on p. 92 in complete sentences
Do work in lab notebook

Tuesday, Aug 26th
BW-Stamp HW
Intro to Periodic Table and Atomic Structure
Periodic Table grid
Bohr Models
HW: Draw Bohr Models for #1-20
Finish Periodic Table grid

Wednesday, Aug 27th
Density Lab
HW: Density problems

Thursday, Aug 28th
Electron Configuration lecture and practice--shorthand (noble gas config.) and longhand
HW: Read 93-100, Rewrite Alchemy Lab 

Friday, Aug 29th
Hunting the Elements Video and questions
HW- Study for test on Wednesday 9/3--Metric Conversions, Atomic Structure/Theory, and Basic Periodic Table organization (Not electron configuration)
Read and reread pages 93-100