Aug 18-22

Monday, Aug. 18th
Turn in rough drafts of Alchemy Lab
Review best of Hydrogen Lab rough drafts and pass back
Evidence of Chemical Change Lab
HW: Final Draft of Hydrogen Lab

Tuesday, Aug 19th
Guest Speaker: Jim Hutchings
Gold in the Foothills
Take notes
HW: Final Drafts of Alchemy lab

Wednesday, Aug 20th --BACK TO SCHOOL NIGHT
Set up lab notebooks
Measurement in Science--introduce metric system and conversions/factor labeling
Introduce Element symbols for quiz next Monday
HW: Students need to make flash cards for element symbols--due tomorrow (21st)
Finish Metric conversion handout

Thursday, Aug. 21st--Minimum Day
Collect Metric Problems
Begin Element Project using Ipads
HW: Study elements for quiz on Monday

Friday, Aug. 22nd
Work on Element project
HW: Read pages 73-80, answer questions #1-2 on p. 77 and #3-7 on p. 80
Do work in lab notebook