Aug 13-15

Wednesday, Aug 13th
BW: What comes to mind when you think of Chemistry Class?
Safety and lab equipment mini-lecture
Hydrogen Balloon Lab
Syllabus online and safety contract
HW: Read and get safety contract signed by parents by tomorrow, complete online syllabus, get composition notebook and scientific calculator
and Tools of  a Scientist  hw

Thursday, August 14th
BW: Come up with three safety rules that you think would be important in a chemistry lab.
Get textbooks
Safety and Lab Equipment Review
Writing a lab report--Complete lab report for Hydrogen Balloon Lab
HW: get safety contract signed by parents
Have parents read the syllabus and submit online that they got it
Study for lab safety quiz
Get composition notebook and calculator
Finish Hydrogen Balloon Lab rough draft (min. 20 sentences--2 parts)

Friday, Aug 15th
BW: Is it possible to change one element into another?
Collect ALL lab safety contracts
Safety and lab equipment Quiz
Alchemy Lab
HW: Alchemy Lab writeup