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Sept 8-12

Monday, Sept 8
HW: None

Tuesday, Sept 9
Play Oh Deer 
Graph data--discussion of populations
Finish Grizzly Bear Research Assignment
HW: Finish Grizzly Bear Research Assignment

Wednesday, Sept. 10th
Background information about the Grizzly Bear Yellowstone population ppt--Take notes
Read pages 684-687 --do Cornell Notes and answer questions #1-5 in science notebook
HW: Finish classwork

Thursday, Sept. 11th
BW--Stamp HW
Delisting Grizzlies? Look at Grizzly Bear Population Data in groups and answer questions 
Jigsaw and share resulting graphs in groups--begin writing your group's claim and be prepared to support it with evidence.
HW: Read pages 688-695  do Cornell notes and #1-4

Friday, Sept 12th
Complete Delisting Grizzlies activity
Share findings with other teams
Final PPT
Video on Yellowstone Bear Ecosystem
HW: Prepare for community forum