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Sept. 29th-Oct 3rd

Monday, Sept. 29th

BW: Describe what you think will happen in the burn areas of the King Fire over time. Map of burn scar

Mini-lesson on ecological succession

Video on succession Compare and contrast primary and secondary succession

Introduction to Microscope lab

HW: Create a chart to compare and contrast the different types of microscopes shown in the figure on p. 48-49

Tuesday, Sept. 30th

BW: What are the non-living components of your environment that you depend on? Stamp HW

Abiotic vs. Biotic Lesson

Finish Microscope Lab

Abiotic vs. Biotic Collage in lab notebook

Wed, Oct, 1st

BW: What happens to a pond over time?

Drawing and labeling Mushrooms p. 209 lab

Read pages 210-220 Answer #1-6

HW: Finish assignment from book

Thursday, Oct. 2nd

BW: What’s a protists.

Protists Video

Pond Water Observation and drawings--Complete 4 cards and put in lab notebooks


Friday, Oct. 3rd

BW: Compare and contrast three types of protists

Virtual Pond Dip using Ipads

More Pond Water Observations -- Finish four cards