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Sept. 22-29

Monday, Sept. 22
BW: Describe three symbiotic relationships found in nature.
Air Quality--Particulate Matter mini-lesson

HW: Use quizlet to review for vocab part of the test on Friday--CLICK HERE

Tuesday, Sept. 23 (SUB)
Sac Bee Article on Grizzly Bears CLICK HERE
Complete Assignment after reading the Grizzly Bear article
HW: Study for tests

Wednesday, Sept. 24 (SUB)
BW: What role does fire play in a healthy ecosystem?
Watch Fire and Wildlife Habitat Connection
Write Cornell Notes as you watch the video and complete Cornell notes with main ideas and questions plus summaries after viewing. Do on paper to turn in NOT notebooks.
HW: Study for test

Thursday, Sept 25 (SUB)
BW: Explain three possible reasons for organisms going extinct.
Chapter Review: 706-707 in book. Books are in cabinet. Do #1-29 on a separate piece of paper. Students need to write out the questions and answers and not just put the number and letter answer. They will get no credit if they do not write them out.
HW—Study for test including doing quizlet review online on my website
Bell work for Sept. 8-Sept. 26th is due TOMORROW!!

Friday, Sept. 26th
Unit Test
Planet Earth Video