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Oct. 27th-31st

Monday, Oct. 27th

BW: How is Mitosis different from Meiosis?

Watch a few Mitosis Animation Video projects

Review: DNA replication video

Review meiosis  How is it different from Mitosis?

Work on videos

Tuesday, Oct. 28th

BW: What are stem cells and how can they be used in medicine?

DNA extraction lab activity

Build and label a DNA molecule

Thursday, Oct. 30th

BW: How do you think molecules get across the cell membrane?

Quiz on DNA structure and replication

Draw the cell membrane in your lab notebook.

Structure of the cell membrane

Design a model that explains how different sizes of molecules are able to pass through the cell membrane

Friday, Oct. 31st

BW: What types of molecules need to cross the cell membrane?

Finish models

Halloween Science Activities