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Oct. 13-17th

Monday, Oct. 13th
BW: What two organelles in plant cells are responsible for cell energy?
Ipad and Cell Organelles APP activity
HW: None

Tuesday, Oct. 14th
BW: How do cells reproduce?
HW: Study for cell organelles quiz

Wed. Oct. 15th
BW: What organelle is responsible for packaging cell materials? Why is this important?
Finish Ipad assignment from yesterday
Use Ipads to study for quiz
HW: Study for Cell Organelles quiz

Thursday, Oct. 16th
BW: What is the most important thing that needs to happen during  cell division?
Cell Organelle quiz
Work on Cell Division Video Project

Friday, Oct. 17th
BW: How do important nutrients and wastes pass across the cell membrane?
Finish and upload video projects
HW: None