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Aug 25-29

Monday, Aug 25
Finish Order Lecture
Identifying the insects you've caught so far and pinning them
HW--Bring poster board and pins

Tuesday, Aug 26
Finish insect orders
What is happening to the Bees?
Read Closely and answer questions in lab notebook
Complete research questions using Ipads or own devices
Collect insects
HW--Bring materials for Insect Boards

Wednesday, Aug 27
Collect HW-Discuss in Pair-Share
Work on insect projects

Thursday, Aug 28
Insect Order quiz
IPAD articles
Colony Collapse Disorder Article--Summarize article in 7 sentences starting with the main idea of the article.  Support main idea or claim with 5 facts from article. Finish with the main idea restated in different words.
Work on insect projects

HW--Collect insects 

Friday, Aug 29
More than Honey Video and Questions
HW--Complete insect identification board--Due Tuesday 9/2