Bacteria Activity

Read the articles and answer the questions in complete sentences on notebook paper.  

Make a poster showing the pros and cons of bacteria.

Helpful Bacteria

The surprising benefits of bacteria

List of good bacteria

Bacteria article

The benefits of probiotics

Probiotics and weight loss

  1. Name some helpful bacteria.
  2. How are bacteria helpful to humans? Give at least four examples.
  3. How do bacteria help keep ecosystems healthy?
  4. What do bacteria do that is especially helpful to plants?
  5. What are probiotics and what evidence supports that they might improve human health?

Harmful Bacteria
Pathogenic bacteria
Group A Streptococcal Disease
Foodborne Microorganisms
More on Food poisoning caused by microorganisms
Food Poisoning - and How to Prevent It


  1. What are pathogenic bacteria?
  2. Where do these harmful bacteria usually live?
  3. Describe how bacteria can cause food poisoning.
  4. Give three examples of bacteria that cause disease. Include their names and how the bacteria spread.
  5. How can these diseases be prevented?
  6. How can food poisoning be prevented?
  7. How do bacteria change over time? Describe how specific examples support this idea that bacteria change over time.