Suzanna Gardetto 

I will be using------ >Canvas <-----this term for both Marine Biology and Chemistry.  You must change your email address to the new account to enter CANVAS and be able to get the ZOOM links. Read the front page of Placer High School Website to learn how.

1st Block Prep
2nd Block Intervention
3rd Block Chemistry
4th Block Marine Biology
5th Block Marine Biology
My teaching career spans 29 years, I am beginning my 13th year teaching for the Placer Union High School District.

Materials List: For both Marine Biology and Chemistry, please have daily a lab notebook to do work in, your chromebook, colored pencils, a calculator (phone is fine if it has scientific notation (exponents) and pens and pencils.

Zoology and English U.C. Davis, Credential U.C. Berkeley, M.S. from Montana State University Bozeman

Teacher that Makes a Difference (twice 2002 and 2012) in Placer Co.
Amgen Award for Science Teaching Excellence 2008
Tom Eustis Memorial Award for Teaching Excellence 2010

Did you know?
I established the Marine Biology program in our school district. Before becoming a teacher, I spent three summers working in Alaska with salmon in Prince William Sound surrounded by sea otters, whales and all kinds of marine life.

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