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Daily Agenda by Unit:

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     * See below for links to videos and video sheets.


Unit Two - Atomic Structure

                 YouTube: Solving for Average Atomic Mass                    Notes: More on Isotopes                   Electron Configurations - Bozeman Science

                World of Chemistry Video - The Atom                    The Atom - Video Worksheet

     You Tube: How Big is a Mole?            You Tube: Furry Moles            The Mole - Bozeman Science            Mole Conversions - Bozeman Science

              Periodicity You Tube - Bozeman Science Video      Periodicity You Tube - Homework

              Percent Composition YouTube with Mr. Causey (& Empirical/Molecular Formulas)

              Empirical & Molecular Formula YouTube by Khan Academy

              Tour of the Periodic Table YouTube - Bozeman Science Video

              The Periodic Table - World of Chemistry Video       Video Sheet

            Balancing Video - Beginner's Guide to Balancing Equations - Bozeman Science Video

            Identifying Reaction Types YouTube (28 minutes)

            Solubility Powerpoint



          Limiting Reactants & Percent Yield - Bozeman Science Video

         Stoichiometry - Limiting Reactants and Percent Yield

Unit  Six - The Covalent Bond

          Video - World of Chemistry: Chemical Bonds            Video Sheet

 Unit Seven - Gas Laws

Unit Eight - Acid/Base