Intro to Kinesiology

Introduction to Kinesiology

Marcia McKenzie

(530) 885-4581 ext. 5785


The aim of this class is to help people achieve the knowledge and understanding of the aspects of Kinesiology.  This is an introductory course that will highlight the following:

·         An overview of the importance of the sub-disciplines in kinesiology

o   Sport History

o   Sport and Exercise Psychology

o   Motor Development

o   Motor Learning

o   Exercise Physiology

o   Sports Medicine

o   Sport Biomechanics

o   Sport Philosophy

o   Sport Sociology

o   Physical Education Pedagogy

o   Adapted Physical Activity

o   Sport Management

·         Career opportunities in teaching, coaching, allied health, and fitness professions.

·         Teaching  practice

·         Goal setting and planning

·         Muscles and movements for specific activities

·         Proper exercise techniques and equipment

o   Weights

o   Yoga

o   Walking

o   Running

·         Injury prevention and minor treatments

o   Flexibility

o   Warm-ups and Cool downs

o   KT-tape

·         Personalized fitness plans

o   What works best for you

o   What works best for someone else

o   Create and tryout workouts

·         Personalized nutrition plans

o   What are your personal needs

o   What are someone else’s personal needs

o   Eating out vs cooking

o   Where to find good recipes

o   What should you look for when shopping

·         Motivational techniques

o   Motivating yourself

o   Motivating others

·         Mental health benefits and techniques

o   Confidence

o   Relaxation

o   Mindfulness

o   Self-awareness

Methods of Instruction: Students will be responsible for taking notes, participating in discussions, giving presentations, and self-directed learning.  There will also be a great deal of hands on learning.  Communication is key.  If you do not understand an assignment or a deadline talk to me in class or email me.

Grading: All aspects of the class are important and grades will not be weighted  

All grades are converted into percentages and in turn changed into the following grades:

A=100%-90%, B=89%-80%, C=79%-70%, D=69%-60%, F=59% and lower.

Attendance:  You are expected to be in class, if you miss four* days before the withdraw date you may be dropped from the class.  You are responsible for getting missed work from your classmates.  If you know ahead of time that you will miss please talk to me.

Respect: There will be several opportunities in the class to explore and share ideas.  Please maintain an open and respectful attitude and approach topics in an academic way.

Placer learning outcomes:

1.  Explain the basic concepts of Kinesiology

2.  Explain the fundamental concepts of basic movements

3.  Explain the relationship between performance in the movement forms of sport, dance, and exercise

4.  Develop safe fitness and nutrition plans

5.  Explore college and career opportunities within the field of Kinesiology


Sierra college course learning outcomes:

1. Compare and contrast the psychological benefits of physical activity

2.  Analyze contemporary Physical Education, Exercise Science, and Sports Programs

3.  Examine Physical Education safety procedures

4.  Investigate cardiorespiratory endurance programs