Placer High School P.E. Grading Policy


Grade is based on:            NC     D       C       B        A

Cardiovascular                       0        1        2        3        4 points 

Unit Participation                    0        1        2        3        4 points

Proper Uniform                      0        1        2        3        4 points

Skills / Knowledge tests          0        1        2        3        4 points


Attendance - an absence for any reason will affect your overall grade in the above categories.       


Cardio: Each missed cardio will equal a 1-point deduction from your cardio grade


ZERO in any of the above categories is a No-Credit for the current grading period.


*Must pass at least three out of four units with a “C” or better to pass the term. 



14 -16 = A              12 - 13 = B             10 - 11 = C             8 - 9 = D      0 - 7 = NC


PE Clothes:  Students must dress every day.  You must wear appropriate physical education clothes (see web site) and athletic shoes (no boots, flip-flops, sandals, or street shoes).  You are not allowed to decorate, cut, or tear your clothes.  Sweatpants must be grey, green or black (no spandex).  No writing is allowed on the rear of the pant.  You may wear a sweatshirt of your choice but it must be school appropriate.  Loaners are available when clothes are forgotten.  An ID is required to get loaners.  1 “free” violation, then a 1-point deduction for each non-suit thereafter.  Loaners and inappropriate shoes do count as non-suits


Participation: Choosing to sit out of an activity will result in a 1-point deduction from your participation for each day you do not participate.

Cardio: A Cardiovascular activity is done every day.  Activities may include:  jogging/running, walking, jump rope, running form drills, relays, lines, hills, etc.  It will be graded pass/fail. 

Each missed cardio will equal a 1-point deduction from your cardio grade.  4 missed/failed cardios = NC


Make-ups: Make-ups are offered the week before each grading period ends.  Students may make up cardiovascular activities, participation, or uniform non-suites.  Make-ups are offered before school and lunchtime only.  Students must be in their P.E. clothing to do a make-up.  Any missed work due to medical excuses will be required to be made up.


Cell Phones, Music Devices, Food/Drinks, Hats: These items are absolutely forbidden in P.E. classes.  There will be a 1-point deduction from your total overall grade, for each occurrence and items will be confiscated and given to a Vice Principal


Medical Accommodations: See Assistant Principal Mrs. Barry


Second Roll: Students meet back in their roll call area for dismissal. NO SHOW = Cut!!!