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Health “Tip of the Day”

Presentation Project Requirements


Project Description:

Each student will choose a medical condition, state, or country to research.   The same condition, state or country cannot be covered by different students. A formal presentation will be delivered to the class on a designated day.  Students who choose to dress in professional attire for their presentation will be excused from the cardio on their presentation date. 

Presentation Requirements:

The oral portion of this project includes an 8-12 slide presentation.  Each presentation must have a visual aid.  Note cards may be used but no notebook or binder paper.


The following areas should be covered if possible for a disease or disorder:

  • Why you chose this topic
  • Description and cause (why do people get this)
  • Body’s defense to the condition
  • Control/Treatment
  • Prevention
  • Latest Medical Advances
  • Work Cited


The following areas should be covered if possible for a state or country:

  • Why you chose this topic
  • Typical diet for the area
  • Activity options for the area
  • Living conditions (include weather)
  • Most prevalent diseases/disorders for the area and why
  • What is being done to keep people healthy in this area
  • Work cited