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Disease and Disorder Presentation Project Requirements


Project Description:

Each student will choose or be assigned a medical condition to research.    A formal presentation will be delivered to the class on a designated day.  Students will draw for their presentation date.  Students who choose to dress "professionally" for their presentations will be excused from dressing down and completing the cardio on their presentation date.  Professional dress does not include jeans, sweats, flip flops*, uggs, or t-shirts.


Presentation Requirements:

The oral portion of this project includes a 3-5 minute presentation.  Each presentation must have a visual aid.  Note cards may be used but no notebook or binder paper.


The following areas should be covered if possible:

  • A brief history of the condition
  • Cause
  • Body’s defense to the condition
  • Stages
  • Control/Treatment
  • How Spread
  • Prevention