Cardio Health Portfolio

Cardio Health Portfolio


At the end of the term you will turn in a professional looking, organized folder or binder with the following information

1.    Projected term fitness/nutrition/wellness goals and plans to achieve them – one overall fitness goal, one overall nutrition goal, and one overall wellness goal.

2.    Records of the 3 fitness testing weeks completed in class

3.  Total Fitness scores sheet 

4.  2 Graphs using any of your fitness tests or your total fitness scores

5.     An exercise plan you create to meet your fitness goal.  This needs to be specific with activities and/or amount of time.  After you have completed the plan explain how everything went.  Were you able to follow it? Did problems arise? How did you feel?

6.      A one week log of everything you eat - This must include specific foods and drinks for all meals and snacks.  After the week you will explain if the week was nutritious and healthy.  You will also create a one day of perfect healthy eating plan and explain why this is best for you.

7.     A one page summary of a fitness, nutrition, or wellness article (must include actual article or full web address)

8.     A one page summary of how your goals turned out.  Did you meet them, did you have to change anything, and did you learn anything.

9. A paragraph on how you plan to continue to stay healthy and fit (or continue to get healthy and fit)

Most of this project will be started in class but completed outside of class time.

The Portfolio will be graded on completeness and appearance so plan wisely, be professional, and be creative.

Portfolio is due December 11th.   20 points extra credit if handed in on December 7th, 10 points extra credit if handed in on December 10th