Cardio Health Term Project

Cardio Health Term Project

You will pick one or more component(s) of health to focus on for the term and create a personalized project to help improve that part of your health.  What you choose to do and how you plan to present it to me is up to you, but you must have my approval before beginning.

Minimum requirements and deadlines:

·         Project starts February 1st

·         Update with a formal paragraph on progress and setbacks every two weeks

·         Update with a photo (yes you must be in the photo) every two weeks

·         A half to one page summary of what you learned/gained from this project

·         An adult sign off that they have seen you working on this project

·         Finished product turned in May 21st

·         Changes must be approved by the teacher.  No changes can be made after March 4th


The component(s) of health I would like to focus on is –




I want to focus on this (these) components because –




My plan is –







My finished product will be -