Anti Drug Video

Create your own commercial/short story



Object:  In this activity, you will plan a minimum one minute commercial or short story to help teens cope with the peer pressures to try an unwanted substance.



1.      Work in a group of no more than 5 to brainstorm ideas, characters, and a message for a minimum one minute commercial (most students do much longer)

2.      Develop 6 storyboards that reflect what happens in your commercial. 

3.      Create a script of the commercial

4.      Create the actual audio video project


Due Dates:

1.      Story boards                   

2.      Script                               

3.      Commercial              May  18th             



1.      Message, be original and must contain some actual facts.  Remember the idea is to stop people from trying drugs.

2.      6 storyboards

3.      Fully illustrated

4.      Fully colored

5.      Prepared location, be aware of your surrounding if in a public place

6.      Legal props

7.      Appropriate language

8.      An ANTI message

9.      All involved in the actual commercial.  Only filming does not count

10.  At least one minute