Marcia McKenzie

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Welcome to Cardio Health.  It is a required course for all students and meets the Placer graduation requirement and state guidelines regarding personal and public health and safety.  This course is designed to introduce you to the knowledge, skills and behaviors to assist you in becoming health literate individuals with a lifelong commitment to healthy living.  


Areas of learning which may be covered include but are not limited to:

            Health and Your Wellness (health, wellness, stress, abuse)

            Health and Your Body (physical fitness, nutrition, weight management, eating disorders)

            Drugs (medicines, alcohol, tobacco, illegal drugs)

            Diseases and Disorders (infectious diseases, non-infectious diseases, disabilities)

            Family Life

Essential Learning Outcomes:

  • Improve or maintain and track the 5 areas of health related fitness
  • Be able to set and implement realistic personalized nutritional, wellness, and fitness goals
  • Understand and be able to demonstrate knowledge in the area of drugs and their effects on the body and brain.
  • Provide useful and accurate information on a chosen disease or disorder and be able to reiterate information provided by other students
  • Learn and practice how mental health and self-esteem is developed and improved
  • Be a successful part of a collaborative team


Tardies:  Please be in your attendance spot when attendance is taken.  You will be given ample time to dress before and after class.


Method of instruction:  Students are responsible for taking  handwritten notes and taking part in class discussions.  Individual and/or group assignments will be given during each unit.   Class presentations and projects will also be required.  When handouts are provided each student will be given one handout.  You are responsible for every handout; no additional copies will be made.  A copy of handouts will be posted online.  Communication is key.  If you do not understand an assignment or a deadline talk to me in class or email me.


Grading:  50% - Cardio  50% - Health  

All grades are converted into percentages and in turn changed into the following grades:

A=100%-90%, B=89%-80%, C=79%-70%, D=69%-60%, F=59% and lower.


Class needs:  Students need to dress in the appropriate physical education clothing and participate in all physical activity to the best of their ability.  Loaners are available for students who forget their PE clothes for that day.  Not dressing is not an option.  If a student comes to class in street clothes 1st time - Loss of points, student warned; 2nd time - Loss of points, parent/guardian contacted; 3rd time - Loss of points; administration contacted and detention assigned .  There is no credit for "half dressed".  Each student is expected to have a notebook or binder, pens, pencils, and papers.  Colored pencils will also be helpful.  Chromebooks will be used for several assignments so make sure you have them and they are charged.

Basic Class Rules:

Stay with the class at all times.  Arrive to the classroom in a timely manner from the track.  I will start without you.

5 points will be deducted from your grade for each inappropriate use of electronic equipment. No electronic devices are to be used during note taking, lectures/class discussion, or presentations.

Students should show respect by not talking during lectures and presentations.  Questions and sharing of important information is encouraged, off-topic conversations are not.