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Mrs. Rohde

Classroom Policies


Course Overview:

This class is designed to help the students prepare to meet the California State requirement for high school Algebra.  Students will learn many things in class dealing with the manipulation of numbers in many forms.  They will learn order of operations, balancing of equations and solving for variables using a variety of strategies.  They will also learn graphing of equalities and inequalities.  They will learn to factor and the addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of polynomials.  The students will be expected to learn the vocabulary and steps involved in solving algebraic problems.


Course Objectives:

  1. To be able to solve a variety of problems using different methods and following the rules of Algebra.


  1. To develop critical thinking skills in solving the problems.


  1. To develop the ability to follow multiple steps in the correct order to solve the problem.


Course Requirements:

  1. The students will be expected to actively participate in the class, both from their seats and at the whiteboard.


  1. Students will be expected to attend regularly and be on-time.


  1. Students will be expected to complete their assigned work in a timely manner.



The class is divided up into different sections.  Approximately one-third of the class is designed to help the students prepare to take the California High School Exit Exam. The other two-thirds of the class are used to prepare them to take Algebra the following year.

            Grades are assigned based on the following:

                        Participation:  25%

                        Assignments from the textbook:  25%

                        Worksheets:  25%

                        Tests and quizzes:  25%


Late work is accepted through the end of the progress report period.  After the progress reports are given, any missing work will become a zero.


Homework is given only in the case that the work is not completed in class.  If it is felt that the students had adequate time to complete the work and didn’t, then they will need to complete it on their own time.  It is due the next class period.