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Phone - 885-4581 ex.5794 

Ms. Uno is a Placer High Alum graduating in 2003.  She is an aunt to 2 wonderful nephews Kade and Kono.  She has been teaching for 10 years, starting in the San Juan Unified District and then the Auburn Union School District at EV Cain.  She loves math and helping kids feel successful, but don't mistake her for her older sister in the Art Department!

Integrated 1

Google classroom codes:
1st period: bm7crti
2nd period: 2tsbtpz
3rd period: dqrywl6
4th period: 2c6gm33

Resources to study:

Essential Learning Outcomes (ELOs)
            ***ALL ELOs must be passed in order to pass the class*** 
1.1 Fundamental Skills
1.2 Use units to solve problems
2.1 Identify parts of linear and exponential equations
2.2 Graph equations and inequalities
2.3 Applications of equations and inequalities (Word Problems)
2.4 Explain the steps for solving an equation
2.5 Solve equations and inequalities
2.6A Solve and interpret systems of equations (Systems Applications)
2.6B Solve and interpret systems of inequalities
3.1 Introduction of functions
3.2 Applications of functions
3.3 Compare functions using multiple representations
3.4 Compare linear and exponential models
4.1 Perform transformations
4.2 Identify congruent triangles
5.1 Introduction to Statistics 

Pre Integrated

Essential Learning Outcomes (ELOs)
            ***ALL ELOs must be passed in order to pass the class*** 
1. Perform integer operations
2. Simplify using the Order of Operations
3. Evaluate expressions
4. Combine like terms
5. Perform operations with exponents
6. Multiply binomials
7. Simplify using Distributive Property
8. Explain steps of an equations
9. Write linear equations from a graph
10. Graph lines from Slope Intercept Form
11. Represent linear equations with multiple representations
12. Solve using the Pythagorean Theorem

 Sierra College, San Diego State University, National University

Awards: EV Cain's "Teacher that Makes a Difference"

Favorites:     Food: Tempura and pasta
                           Candy: Twix and KitKat
                           Place: Disneyland!
                           Holiday: Christmas
                           Loves: Entertaining, BBQing, and hanging out with family and friends 
                           Dislikes: Coffee, fish/sushi

Did you know? Ms. Uno's nephews call her Auntie Kiki.
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