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Phone - 885-4581 ex. 5750

Integrated A (Fall) / B (Spring) 

Weekly Homework

SWBAT:  Demonstrate understanding of semester topics

SWBAT:  Demonstrate understanding of semester topicsSWBAT:  Demonstrate understanding of semester topics

All Late work is due

Test corrections for Test 5 are due

Transformation Art Due for extra credit

Period 1 and 2

Period 3 and 4

Fnl Term Additional Review

More Review for

Finish Creating Notecard for use on Finals

See Star Wars over break

Happy Holidays


Vocabulary Journal

Personal Bio Here

It's great to be back in Northern California again. I am originally from Roseville and am so glad to be back here in Auburn. 

I have been working all over California. Santa Anna, Capitola, Bonsall (near San Diego), but really it's just so great to be home. 

I am an avid strategy board game player. Chess, Cribbage, Ticket to Ride, Setters of Catan, etc... I love the challenge of out strategizing my opponent and taking in subtle info as I go along.

As my 3rd year of teaching I am looking forward to working with your kids and helping them move along in their math knowledge


Sierra College: No Degree, but emphasis in Mathematics and Music

UC San Diego: BA in Mathematics, strong background in Vocals

San Diego State: Single Subject Teaching Credential

Did you know?

I have been classically trained in 7 different instruments, but I really just love singing and playing my trumpet.

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Albert Curry

Albert Curry