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Sheltered English

Course Syllabus

Sheltered English and ELD

Room 402

Ms. Dyer

Course Outline


Welcome to the 2011-2012 school year!


Sheltered English is a regular English course that parallels the freshmen and sophomore English classes. Sometimes we will read the same novels as the other classes, but other times we will not. However, we will have the same goals as any other regular English class. Remember, this is academic credit, not elective credit!


Here is an overview of what we will be covering this year:


  • Short story Unit/ Literary Devices
  • Buried Onions by Gary Soto
  • Short stories from the Holt series and others
  • Creative, Expository and Persuasive writing
  • How to write a research paper
  • English grammar
  • Poetry
  • Mythology
  • Autobiographical Unit




ELD Course Outline


ELD is an elective course that is designed to support you in your core classes and help advance your English in four areas: reading, writing, speaking, and listening.


This year we will focus on improving your reading comprehension and vocabulary so you will be successful in your other classes.


  • academic vocabulary and idiomatic expressions
  • reading comprehension (SRA)
  • Rosetta Stone computer program and workbook
  • Reading for pleasure (SSR in class)
  • listening, speaking, reading and writing every day!


Let’s have a great year together!

Ms. Dyer and Ms. Barajas


Please let your parents know that they can call and leave messages in Spanish if necessary.