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Senior AP

Course Overview:


Senior A. P. English is a freshman level college class with college level expectations. It is a study of literature and composition with an emphasis on contemporary, as well as classic poetry and prose.  The semester is devoted to a critical analysis of British and Western literature, literary criticism, and expository and research-based writing.  Students are required to have a thorough grounding and a high level of proficiency in reading, writing, discussion and analytical thought.  It is assumed that students intend to take the AP exam in May.
Note: A summer reading assignment is required and due on the first day of the school year, regardless of the term you are registered for the course.
Units of the Course:

*  Objective #One:  The Multiple Choice Section

*  Critically read and annotate poetry, drama, fiction, and expository prose.

*  Study appropriate terminology.


*  Objective #Two:  The Poetry Essay

* Critically read and annotate selected poems ranging from 16th - 21st century.

* Study poets and time periods.

* Study poetry terminology.

* Write timed writing (Boilermakers).


*  Objective #Three:  The Prose Essay

* Critically read and annotate stories and essays ranging from 16th - 21st century.

* Study of writers and time periods.

* Study elements of fictional and rhetorical terminology.

* Write timed writing (Boilermakers).


*  Objective #Four:  The Free-Response Essay (Novel and Drama Analysis)

* Critically read and annotate novels/plays to address varied writing prompts.

* Study terminology.

* Write timed writing (Boilermakers).

*  Objective #Five:  Research Skills and Writing

* Critically research material to address varied historical/philosophical topics.

* Study research terminology.

* Write paragraphs of research to demonstrate organization and


 Course Requirements and Methods of Assessment:

Regular Attendance and Participation

Group and Individual Presentations; Speeches

Quizzes and Formative Tests; Self-Evaluation

Writing Activities; Projects



Evaluation is a combination of self-evaluation and teacher evaluation.  Each assignment will be given a point value and points will be totaled periodically.  Letter grades are based on the following scale:





64 or lower=NC  (No Credit)


Late Work:


Late work will be docked for every day late and will not be accepted after one week.

Extra Credit will periodically be available.




Tardies will affect overall grade. After four tardies a semester, five points will be deducted for each tardy and will come directly off of your grade.  If this proves to be an ineffective deterrent, parental and/or administrative contact will be used.


Cuts ensure a deduction in grade because you cannot make up any work you missed on that day – a cutting problem will require parent contact.


Absences require student responsibility in finding missed work on the first day back.  The student has as many days as they were absent to complete assignments.


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