Brittany Haydon
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Phone - 885-4581 ex. 5766

                                               Fall                                               Spring
                                    1.  English 12/1A Dual Credit    1. Senior Lit/1B Dual Credit
                                    2. AP English Literature            2. AP English Literature
                                    3. Prep Period                                3. AP English Literature
                                    4. English 12/1A Dual Credit    4. Prep Period

Brittany Haydon has been teaching English at Placer for two decades. She has taught all four grade levels but currently enjoys teaching AP Literature, as well as English 1A and English 1B for Sierra College. She also serves as Department Chair. Brittany hopes to inspire students to appreciate literature and develop lifelong analytical skills.


                            Placer High Graduate 1991
                        BA from University of San Diego 
            Masters in Literature from Sacramento State

                             Teacher Who Makes a Difference  
                                       Placer County Office of Education 2017 Teacher of theYear
                                                       Did you know?
                       She loves traveling and seeing the world. If she could be anywhere... she would be on a beach in Greece.
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