Beth Metrock
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Phone - 885-4581 ex. 5755

*English 11 * English 12 * Creative Writing

I began teaching English at Placer in the Spring of 1990. I currently teach juniors, seniors (ERWC) and creative writing.

Fall term of 2018: 1st Period I teach juniors with Mrs. Roeder-Sussman. 2nd Period I teach juniors alone. 4th Period I teach Creative Writing to all grade levels.

Spring Term 2019: 1st Period I teach freshmen with Mrs. Roeder-Sussman. 3rd and 4th Periods I teach ERWC senior English.

I am a Placer High School graduate. I earned my B.A. from Humboldt State and my M.S. from Sac State. My Bachelor's degree is in English and my Masters is in School Counseling. In addition to my English teaching credential, I hold an elementary school teaching credential, and a Pupil Services Credential.

Did you know?
I love penguins. And chickens. And cats. And books. And flowers. And ladybugs. And ice cream. And hot white mochas.
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