AnneMarie Fiegener
Contact Info
Phone - 885-4581 ext. 5752

  •   English 11
  •  English 10

Fall Schedule 

    Period 1:    English 10 
    Period 2:    Prep
    Period 3:    English 11
    Period 4:    English 10

Spring Schedule
    Period 1:    Prep
    Period 2:    English 11
    Period 3:    English 11
    Period 4:    English 10

    Administrative Credential (Placer County Office of Education)
    Single Subject Teaching Credential, English (Sacramento State University)
    Bachelor of Arts Degree, English (University of California, Irvine)

    Teacher Who Makes a Difference
    Teacher of the Year

Did you know
    This is my second year at Placer but my sixteenth year teaching.  I'm excited to be here.  Go Hillmen!
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