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SAT & ACT Prep

Test Prep for SAT and ACT

How much should students prepare for the SAT and/or the ACT? Take a common sense approach. Use the free materials available in the Counseling Office to become familiar with what is expected. If more information is desired, local bookstores have books and CD Rom programs at relatively low cost. If a more structured learning environment is thought necessary, refer to the list of references on the following pages. Statistically there is little improvement after the second attempt of taking the SAT’s or ACT.

The following websites have free test prep information:


SAT Workshops

Ordinarily, workshops like the following are helpful only when students are able to focus the required time and energy to achieve demonstrated results. This is only a partial listing of potential resources. For more detailed information, call the numbers listed.

The following is a listing of several local workshops that are available to interested students. Please note this listing is provided as a resource for students and does not constitute a recommendation by Placer High for any of these workshops.
Sierra College
Sierra College offers an online course for about $100 through their community education program.

College Bound SAT Prep

See website: 



Call: (530) 478-PREP (7737)

Format: 4 sessions/3 hrs. each