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CSU & UC Application Tips


Before starting your college applications, be sure to log in to your Aeries portal and print out a copy of your high school transcript which includes your SSID number. It is critical that you report all courses and grades exactly as they appear on your transcript.

**Important: Prior to submitting online to UC or CSU, be sure to have a Placer counselor review your completed application!**

CSU - California State University [Submission window: Oct 1 - Nov 30]

Academic History / High Schools Attended section:

--In this section you will add Placer High twice:

--1st time: select Term Type--Full Year  attended Fall 2015 thru 2019

--2nd time: select Term Type--Semester: Gov and Econ will be listed here (2018-2019)

Academic History / High School Coursework section:

  • Add Grade Level for the coursework you are entering, i.e.  9th is 2015-2016

  • Click the green checkmark to complete your entry and move forward

  • Enter every A-G subject area course you completed in that grade level (A-G courses are identified by a “P” in the CP column of your Placer transcript when viewed in your Aeries Portal); Do not enter non A-G courses such as Tech Essentials, Health or PE

  • All A-G classes taken at Placer should pop-up automatically as you start to type the course name. Select the course name (with its weird code attached) by clicking it; if any A-G course names do not pop-up automatically see your counselor.  Leadership added as A-G from 10th -12th (not Frosh)

  • Select Course Type: It will indicate NONE or can choose Advanced Placement OR Honors; most will be None (This step must be completed before you can click the green checkmark to complete entry of a new course and move forward.)

  • If you took Integrated Math 1, Integrated Math 2, or a Language Other Than English (Spanish, for example) in the 7th or 8th grade select the correct grade level and report these courses for Placer High full year 2015-16 and enter “Pass” as your grade earned for the class.

  • Students taking ERWC-English 12 must enter “CSU Expository Reading and Writing (CSU)”; Students taking the English 1A dual credit course must enter “English 12”and English 1B must select Senior Literature.

  • Repeated Courses: If you repeated a A-G course, enter the highest grades earned for the course. Do not enter this repeated course twice. If the repeated course is In Progress, then enter the original grade earned since a new grade has not yet been earned.

Important: Properly Adding Economics & Gov/Econ or AP Gov/Politics & Econ

In the 2nd Placer High year 2018-2019 List under Semester Term

  • Enter “American Government” or “AP Government and Politics United States (AP)”  and Economics in the 12th Grade section

  • Enter “In Progress” for the FALL grade if taking this course during the fall term - or enter “Planned” for the SPRING grade if taking this course during the spring term; Leave the opposite FALL/SPRING grade as No Grade.

A-G Matching section:

  • Click the Update A-G Courses button at the bottom of this page, then click the > on each Grade Level bar to expand your course entries

  • Review all classes entered to make sure that every A-G course you completed is matched with the correct A-G Subject Area category letter in that corresponds to the List of A-G Categories.

Transcript Entry section (for college courses completed, in progress, or planned):

  • Select Academic Status: Choose Freshman for all college courses taken during high school

  • If you are using a college course to fulfill an  A-G subject area requirement, ALSO report that course in the High School Coursework section, so it can be matched with the appropriate A-G Subject Area category, i.e. English 12 and Engl1A

Did you complete any college or Dual Enrollment Courses--if so, Continue reading; if not, don’t.

Dual Enrollment & College Courses

  1. Students who have taken a dual enrollment class must enter both course names - the high school course name and the college course name - on all admission applications. This requires adding Sierra College, Sac State, or another college as a school attended then reporting the grade earned OR IN PROGRESS at that college in addition to reporting the grade earned at Placer. See below for a list of the dual credit course names.

  1. On both CSU and UC Applications you must list your college as a school attended: i.e. Sierra College.  List self as a freshman. Follow directions in application for listing of courses, grades or In Progress.  ON CSU college section, make sure you click “Update Transcript” and complete following questions in area; ask counselor if unsure of yes or no.

  1. Remember: Students will need to have final transcripts sent from both Placer and Sierra College or Sac State to the college they end up attending by July 1 (after you graduate).

Placer Dual Enrollment Classes

Placer Name        Sierra Course Code & College Name                             Credits

English 12-P ENGL1A   Introduction to Composition 3

Senior Literature-P ENGL1B   Critical Thinking & Writing about Literature 3

English 12 (Online DE) ENGL1A   Introduction to Composition 3

US History-P HIST17B  History of United States since 1865 3

Mechatronics-P MECH8     Introduction to Electronics 3

Graphic Design-P AAD70     Introduction to Digital Design 3

Intro to Kinesiology KIN81      Introduction to Kinesiology                              3 Woodworking 2 CET5        Introduction to the Built Environment 3

World Studies (Online DE) HIST51 World History Since 1500 3

Bio & Sust Ag-P AGRI196  Intro to Sustainable Agriculture 3

Chem&Agrisci-P AGRI221  Introduction to Soil Science 3

Additional College Courses taught by Sierra faculty at Placer

EMR HSCI7    Emergency Medical Responder 3.5

Medical Terminology HSCI3    Medical Terminology 3

If you have taken (or are taking) additional college courses at Sierra College, Sac State, or any other college, be sure to add that school and the courses completed on your admission applications in the appropropriate College Information sections.

UC - University of California [Submission window: Nov 1 - Nov 30]


Academic History - Step 2 / High Schools Attended section:

  • What is your school’s term system? Select Full (1 final grade per year) and

Semester (2 final grades per year) for Placer High--choose BOTH boxes.

Academic History - Step 2 / High Schools Courses and Grades section:

  • Click on a subject area to see the list of courses offered at Placer High

  • For each grade level, select the courses you took

  • For most Placer courses, choose Term Type: Full and report a single grade; for a course with two grades or “true semester”, choose Term Type: Semester and report two grades (i.e. Gov and Econ--see below)

  • For 12th Grade, students taking ERWC-English 12 must select CSU Expository Reading and Writing (CSU), and students taking the English 1A must select English 12 P and English 1B must select Senior Literature (this course is missing as of 10/5 but working on fix)

  • Important: Properly Adding Economics & Gov/Econ or AP Gov/Politics

  • In the 12th Grade History/Social Science section, mark American Government or AP Government and Politics United States (AP)

  • Choose Term Type: Semester

then select IP in the Grade 1 column (if taking Gov/AP Gov in the fall)

or PL in the Grade 2 column (if taking Gov/AP Gov in the spring)

  • In the opposite column (Grade 1 or Grade 2), select NO to indicate that you will only be receiving 5 credits for Gov/AP Gov

  • In the 12th Grade College-Prep Electives section, mark Economics

  • Choose Term Type: Semester

then select IP in the Grade 1 column (if taking Econ in the fall)

or PL in the Grade 2 column (if taking Econ in the spring

In the opposite column (Grade 1 or Grade 2), select NO to indicate that you will only be receiving 5 credits for Economics