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Sierra College

Explore Sierra College and See What We Have to Offer! Join us online Saturday, Oct. 17th between 9:00 am and 3:00 pm to explore our programs and services. This is a free event open to prospective students, families and community members. A link to the Virtual Preview Day event schedule will be emailed to all registered guests on Friday, Oct. 16th.
Full Time College Students

There are a number of steps that need to be completed before you are eligible to register for classes at Sierra. Please follow these steps using the links included and the documents below to complete all necessary enrollment requirements.

  1. Apply for Summer or Fall 2021 as a first time college student. Be sure to include your high school graduation date (May 29, 2021). After applying, you will receive a confirmation "Welcome to Sierra College" email. This email will include your 9 digit student id, your user name and your email address.

  2. Using the instructions in your "Welcome to Sierra" email, you will need to set up your mySierra account. Your mySierra account will be needed for additional enrollment steps and class registration. Be sure to forward you mySierra email to you personal email by completing the following steps:

            - Login to your mySierra account
            - Click on "Check My Email"
            - Click the "do not show this again" box
            - Click "yes" to sign into Outlook
            - Click the "timezone box" and scroll down, choose "Pacific Time" and click "save"
            - Click the "settings icon" in the upper right corner
            - In the search box, type "forwarding"
            - Click the "Enable Forwarding" box
            - Type your personal email in the box
            - Click "Keep a copy of forwarded messages"
            - Click "Save"
            - Click the "X" in the upper right corner to close the window

Once complete, move on to these steps:
  1. Login to your mySierra account to complete a Career and Academic Planning (CAP) session. At the end of the CAP session you will have the option to make an online appointment, DO NOT schedule a counselor appointment with the online appointment option (see step 2a).

  2. Meet with a counselor to develop your Student Educational Plan (SEP).

    1. Meetings via Google Meet so you can ask questions and we can share website information

    2. In this meeting, we will create a course plan for your first year at Sierra

    3. You are able to meet as many times as needed if you change your goals or need additional support.

  3. Login to your mySierra account and watch this video to help you complete the following steps:
    • Two Years Free
    • Sierra Promise
    • Financial Aid Terms and Conditions
    • In addition, you will hear Alistair talk about "College Terms & Conditions" you'll want to make sure you accept these as well. 
    • Lastly, go to “View my Registration Eligibility and Holds”, select the correct term from the pulldown list and click submit. If the system allows you to complete the pre-registration questionnaire, we would encourage you to take a few minutes to do that as well. Completing the pre-registration questionnaire prior to your registration date/time will save precious time you won't want to waste when your registration time is made available. 
  4. Sierra’s class schedule is available now for fall 2020

    1. Use the semester schedule worksheet and watch this video to learn how to choose your classes

      1. Make sure to record your choices using the 5 digit CRN (Course Record Number)

      2. Be sure to have a Plan A and Plan B as classes can fill up during the registration times

  5. Fall priority registration for Promise students

    1. Take a look at these Sierra College Class Registration Steps and watch this video and for step by step registration instructions.

    2. Phone: 916.660.7300 and remote resources are also available.

College in High School with Sierra College Academic Enrichment

In partnership with Sierra College, high school students are able to take a class (or classes) for free at or online through Sierra College (pay only for books).

To apply follow these steps:

  1. You will need to complete an online application to Sierra College, follow these instructions for help. Once complete, you will receive an email that says "Welcome to Sierra College". This email will include your student ID# and your mySierra user name.
  2. View the class schedule to find the class you want to take. You will need the class name and CRN to complete step 3.
  3. Next, complete the academic enrichment application and email it to your counselor. They will send it to Sierra with their approval for you to take the class. It may take up to 1 week to process the form. Log in to your mySierra account for updates.
  4. Once the academic enrichment application is processed, students are responsible for actually registering for the class they want to take (see class registration steps below). Watch this video to learn more.
  5. Register for classes on or anytime after your designated registration date/time.

Fall Academic Enrichment students please note: If you are a current AE summer student, you will not have to provide a new academic enrichment form for Fall.

For more information, click here and/or email Mrs. Pearson    

  Ordering your official Sierra College Transcript

If you took a class at Sierra College while in high school (ie. Academic Enrichment or Dual Enrollment), you will need to request a Sierra College transcript be sent to your admitted college to receive credit for the course. 

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        Aug 28, 2020, 11:04 AM
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        Mar 18, 2020, 2:09 PM
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        Mar 18, 2020, 2:10 PM
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